The Art of Deburring

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Deburring Art

A burr is a raised edge or piece of material that remains attached after the part is made. It is unwanted and is removed with various tools called deburring.

The art of deburring is an important and valuable component of the manufacturing process, because it eliminates the many risk posed by burrs. Removing and cleaning up edges of the part, manufacturers prevent dangerous accidents, increase the product’s ability to function properly, and make it aesthetically appealing.

There are many forms of deburring:

There are many forms of deburring:

Vibratory Deburring


Manual Deburring


Tumble Deburring


Electrochemical Deburring

These are just some of the methods, Top Notch Deburring specializes in the art of Manual Deburring

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After the deburring process is completed, inspection tools are used to ensure a burr free zone.


At Top Notch Deburring we use Borescopes for inspecting every single item before it passes inspection. A Borescope is an optical device consisting of a flexible tube with a display on one end, an objective lens/camera on the other linked together by an optical system in between.


At Top Notch Deburring we use Microscopes for inspecting the quality of our work. A Microscope can help us magnify areas that need extra attention. We use these optical instruments for viewing very small objects.
These instruments assist the team at Top Notch Deburring on producing a quality product in a safety applied environment. Using 5S and Lean concept daily to ensure goal achievements for our customers.